Since 2002 British homeowners have been selling their properties directly to us.  

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Selling to us is easy. To get started please use the above valuation tool.  Our service is fast, free and there is no obligation if you change your mind.

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Selling direct puts you in control of your property sale.  We will buy your property direct, with cash. This means you have no commission to pay and there is no chain. 

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We are an independent property buying company. Operating from central London, we purchase residential properties in all areas of the UK. The team has 20+ years combined experience in residential property. LDN Properties is independent and remains privately owned by the two founding Directors.

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Copyright 2002 to 2014    LDN Properties is a trading name of Box MX Limited.

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How we compare - Sell faster for more

Achieving the best price for your property is important, but it’s worth taking caution with any buyer making an offer that may seem too good to be true. If you are speaking to other property buying companies, we always suggest you save yourself a lot of time and frustration by checking the following 3 important points:
1. Are they really buying direct? Or are they brokering the sale to another buyer?          
We always buy direct.
Some companies use ‘option agreements’ which usually means they are asking you to give them the option of buying the property at some point in the future. The company will try to find a buyer who is prepared to pay more than their offer – the company makes a profit between their offer price and the amount the other buyer will pay. There is no guarantee that they will find a buyer (even if they tell you they have a buyer already) and the sale may never happen! If you sign an option agreement you may have to wait for the agreement to expire (or pay a penalty fee) before being allowed to sell to someone else.
2. Are they a genuine cash buyer?          
We are 100% cash buyers.
Does the buyer actually have cash funds or are they relying on mortgage finance? If the buyer is relying on mortgage finance they will be subject to the onerous checks that all lenders need to carry out before releasing funds. The sale is out of your control and out of the buyers control too!
3. Is the buyer asking you to use their preferred solicitor?          
Sell to us and use whichever solicitor you wish.
Our common sense advice is to use your own solicitor to act for you. If you do not currently have a solicitor it’s very easy to find one in a local directory or online. Ask for confirmation of fees before you decide which solicitor to use - for the average property sale you should expect to pay no more than £500 to £1,000 and this amount is usually only paid when the property is sold – so you will not have to pay anything upfront in most cases. Think very carefully before accepting ‘free’ legal advice!
The service offered by companies who broker sales, use mortgage finance and ask you to use one of their nominated solicitors may well suit your circumstances, but it’s always worth asking these questions early on before you enter into any obligations.
If you are talking to other buyers, we strongly suggest you request confirmation of the above 3 points in writing. 

Our fast sale promise - Simple and straightforward 

As a cash buyer we are able to complete on the purchase of properties within 48 hours, we purchase direct so do not have to wait for approval from a lender. In reality it can take longer for solicitors to prepare contracts. Typically sales take between 2 to 7 weeks, this is largely dictated by your onward plans and any legal matters.

Our offers are always subject to contract and in some cases may be subject to a survey. We will make you aware of any other conditions attached to our offer before you decide to accept. We make a firm offer and agree a timescale for completion, this is only ever likely to change if unexpected issues arise with the contract (e.g. if the lease is shorter than expected or the service charge is higher than expected), if there is a material change in market conditions or any other factors out of our control. We use our own funds to purchase properties so we are not subject to additional decision making/constraints from a third party lender.

If your sale is urgent please make us aware so that we can ensure solicitors progress things as quickly as possible. It is important that you let us know if you need/would like to sell by a certain date - if for any reason we view your target date as being unrealistic we will let you know.

We do not charge any fees at all. There are is no commission to pay because we buy direct. If your property is currently on the market with an estate agent it is a good idea to check to see if they will be charging commission to a buyer who was not introduced through them – some do. 

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We buy with our own funds - No delays 

Buying with our own cash means a faster sale. We are not reliant on a lender to approve the purchase. This is particularlay important if you wish to sell by a certain date.

Before you leave this page - some helpful time-saving tips!

Choose your buyer carefully! There are hundreds of companies offering to buy your property (and agents offering to help you sell). There are 3 very important things to remember to save yourself a lot of time and frustration:

1. If a company asks you to sign an Option Agreement it will usually mean the company is not buying your property directly but is going to try and find a buyer. There is no guarantee that you will sell and you could find yourself locked out of selling to anyone else for many months .  

2. Buyers that ask you to use thier own solicitor - no further explanation needed!

3. Companies that claim to be cash buyers but are actually relying on external funding, this could add a lot of time and uncertainty to the sale. This one is not so easy to spot. Our suggestion is to ask the buyer to confirm in writing that they are a genuine cash buyer.  

We hope this helps.

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