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Choosing a committed cash buyer gives you the confidence to move ahead with your plans without the worry of your sale falling through.
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With over a decade of experience of buying London property, we're familiar with many of the London specific issues that sometimes deter other buyers.  Problems such as short leases, planning issues and part-commercial properties can cause some buyers to back down from a transaction. Our knowledge of the London property market means you can sell quickly.

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We purchase London properties directly with our own cash funds. In doing so we save on many of the costs usually involved when buying a property (e.g. mortgage arrangement fees, commission to agents etc). This means our offers are competitive compared to other property investors but will be below market value in exchange for a quick sale.

Ensuring your property sale is quick and straightforward is the reason we're in business and we're always proud to know we really make that happen. 

"Thanks for all your help. If there were more people like you in business the world would run a lot smoother." 

Andrew B - Recent Seller

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To get started simply enter your postcode and house number in the form at the top of this page.  Our offer is just a few steps away.  Or please call us on 020 7183 3022There is no obligation to accept our offer and there are no fees to pay, ever! 

We will carry out some checks before confirming our offer. If you decide to accept our offer we instruct solicitors to begin the conveyancing work. We will also advise our respective solicitors of your preferred timescale and any special requirements you may have.

We purchase properties with our own cash funds, so completion can happen very quickly (no delays caused by a lender). We are committed to ensuring your property sale is quick and hassle-free, see our buying code for more details.



The seller of this 3 bedroom property in Wembley required a quick sale before moving abroad. We released the full deposit to the seller before completion in order to help him with his onward move.

Midway through a lease extension the seller of this 1 bed flat would have had to wait for months for Land Registry to complete the lease. We exchanged with the seller before the lease extension completed. 

Our head office is located on Regent Street in central London.  If you would like to visit please arrange an appointment with a member of our team.




332 Linen Hall, 162 Regent St, London W1B 5TD

020 7183 3022

We are an independent property buying company specialising in the purchase of residential properties in London. The team has 20+ years combined experience in residential property. LDN Properties is independent and remains privately owned by the two founding Directors.  

Our goal is to keep things simple. We purchase your property directly with our own cash funds, that's it!  There are no special agreements or catchy gimmicks. You may use your own solicitor, but apart from that there is no one else involved in the transaction apart from you and us, so no middleman to pay fees to!




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332 Linen Hall, 162 Regent Street, London W1B 5TD

Selling your property doesn't need to be a stressful experience.  A quick and hassle-free property sale to LDN Properties gives you the freedom to move ahead with your plans without the worry of an unreliable buyer letting you down. Here are some recent examples of people we've helped. 

When you hear the words “fast house sale” you might automatically think you will be selling for a lot less compared to using an estate agent. But this isn’t necessarily the case, and we find most people are surprised by how competitive our offers are, especially when you take into account the savings (no estate agency fees) and the convenience.

Many of the enquiries we receive are from property owners who are just curious about what price they will receive from a cash buyer. And it’s very often the case that most sellers are not looking for a fast house sale, but the assurance of a guaranteed sale. So whether you’re looking to sell your London house fast or just want the peace of mind of selling to a committed buyer please contact us on 020 7183 3022 or enquire using the above form.

How quickly can I sell my property?

With LDN Properties you can sell your house directly for cash. We will usually be able to make you an offer within a few hours and exchange contracts to your timescale, this can be done very quickly – within a matter of days if required.

  • Our cash offer will put you in a strong position when negotiating your onward move.  Our offer is for a genuine cash purchase, there are NO OPTION AGREEMENTS and we do not broker the sale.
  • There is no obligation to accept our offer and you are free to change your mind at any time. There are no penalties or tie-in contracts whatsoever.
  • Our process is very straightforward, there are NO UPFRONT FEES for valuations and NO HIDDEN CHARGES, and in fact there are no charges at all.
  • There are NO AGREEMENTS because we do not broker the sale. We only ever buy direct.

Another buyer has let me down - what shall I do?

We know how frustrating it is when a house sale falls through. It may be that the prospective buyer could not obtain a mortgage or they have found a property better suited to their requirements. This can be especially annoying if your onward plans have been put into jeopardy. The good news is that the work your solicitor has already done in progressing the sale will help speed things up with your next sale. If you need to sell within a short timescale we can help.

What if I’m already using an estate agent?

If you have already instructed an estate agent to market your property for sale you can still sell directly to us. Some estate agency agreements allow the seller to find their own buyer with no fee payable to the agent. If this is not the case the estate agent might be prepared to exit the agreement early or come to some negotiation about their commission.

Can I release funds before moving out of my property?

We can release a deposit to you on exchange of contracts in order to help facilitate your onward move - we assess this on a case by case basis. This is something we are asked about quite often because with a conventional house sale through an estate agent it is often impractical for funds to be released to the seller before they move out of the property.

Can I sell a tenanted property?

We do purchase tenanted properties and the price we offer will depend on the type of tenancy agreement you have in place. There are many types of tenancy agreements, ranging from the most common - an AST (assured short hold tenancy) to regulated tenancies and life tenancies which are more complicated. We will need to know the basic details about the tenancy before confirming our initial offer.

My property is in poor condition, what offer will I receive?

We purchase all types of residential property in London, regardless of condition. If your property is in poor condition we will need to visit the property before confirming our offer (all offers are subject to survey). As specialist London property buyers we are able to appraise properties on the same day as your enquiry.

Will my neighbours know I am selling?

We are often approached by property owners who want to keep their sale confidential. We purchase direct so the sale is completely discreet. There will be no ‘for sale’ signs, no viewings, no listings on the online property portals and no newspaper advertising.

What will LDN Properties do with my property after buying it?

Our plans will vary from property to property and depend on how we can best add value for resale. For example or if the property is in a poor state of repair we would usually look to carry out refurbishment work. Or if the property had a short lease we would usually look to extend the lease.

What areas do you cover?

We purchase properties in most areas within the M25.

Can I sell to you if I have moved abroad?

Yes you can sell to us if you are living overseas. You will need to appoint a solicitor and provide them with your proof of ID but this can be arranged very easily.

How do you determine the value of my property?

We will initially carry out an analysis of comparable property sales in the local area. We appreciate every property is unique, but this is the best starting point for determining a value. It is important that you tell us about any problems there may be at the property because this will influence the valuation.

Why do you not charge a fee?

We do not charge any fees. Our business is to purchase properties to the seller’s requirements and then later resell after adding value to the property (e.g. refurbish or extend the lease).

What does subject to contract and a survey mean?

Whenever you sell a property the offer you will receive will be subject to contract and survey. This is almost always the case, with the exception of selling through auction. All it means is that the offer is made assuming there are no problems with the contract of sale (e.g. you do actually have the right to sell the property, or the searches do not reveal a problem etc.) and there are no problems with the survey that have not already been identified.

How are LDN Properties different from other buyers?

Broadly speaking there are 3 different ways to sell a residential property; using an estate agent, selling at auction or selling to a property buying company. Most people are familiar with the pro’s and con’s of selling through an estate agent or at auction. However there are a whole host of property buying companies offering a wide range of services.

Property buying companies can be divided between those who buy directly with their own cash funds and those that don’t. This is an extremely important distinction to make and could save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience. The list below explains the difference between our services (as a genuine cash buyer) versus those of the other types of property buyers who are either brokers or ‘agents in disguise’!

  • WE BUY DIRECT WITH CASH.  Other property buyers might claim to buy direct, but from our experience this is often not the case. It is very common for investors to broker the sale on to other buyers, in which case the investor takes a cut on the sale and there is no guarantee of a quick sale, or any sale at all! Ask for confirmation in writing that the prospective buyer is buying direct with their own cash funds. If they cannot provide written confirmation assume they are a broker.
  • NO CONTRACTS.  When selling to LDN Properties the only contract you will see is provided by your solicitor – that is the contract of sale. Other property buyers use option agreements or tie-in agreements. This is a clear indicator that they are not purchasing the property directly, they more or less offer the same service as an estate agent but without the marketing power.
  • USE YOUR OWN SOLICITOR.  Always be cautious of a buyer who offers you their preferred solicitor for free! Our common sense advice is to use your own solicitor - it will be just as quick. Think very carefully before accepting free legal advice!
  • SELL AT YOUR OWN TIMESCALE.  We purchase properties with our own cash funds, so within reason the timescale is up to you. Other property buyers often have to obtain mortgage financing or broker the sale to a third party meaning the timings are out of their control and certainly out of your control.
  • LONDON FOCUS.  If you’ve narrowed your list of property buyers down to a few genuine cash buyers and they all meet the above criteria, what’s left to decide? Our experience of the London property market gives us a substantial advantage in terms of the price we are able to offer and the speed of sale. The London property market is very different from the rest of the UK. One of the differences we have noticed is that out-of-London companies are not able to make as competitive offers because they do not have sufficient knowledge and confidence in the London property market.

If you have any further questions please call us on 020 7183 3022 for more details or request an offer using the form at the top of this page.

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